What we offer you

Dog walking

We provide a quality, personal, reliable & trustworthy service, & will always try & accommodate your personal needs. If you need a regular daily /weekly walk while you’re at work, or a couple of visits if you’re out for the day, we will take your dog(s) for a quality walk & make sure when you come home, you have a happy, content & tired dog!

We can either walk your dog individually or in a group, but it will never be more than 4, as this is what we are insured for & is what we feel is the maximum number we can have complete control of & can clean up after.

We are registered & insured with the National Association of Registered Petsitters (www.dogsit.com) & can provide references from existing clients if required.

Prices start from £8/walk

Cat feeding/home visits

We offer a pet feeding service for your cat, rabbit, guinea pigs, birds, fish, degus, chickens, or if you simply require some house security when you are away from home, we will be there when you can’t. We can provide you with as many visits as you require, covering holidays, days out, hospital stays, whatever you need, all without the upheaval for your beloved pets & they can stay in their familiar & comfortable surroundings.

Our daily visits will include the following:

  • Feeding pets, washing out bowls, and providing fresh water. (especially important for some cats)
  • Clean out cages/litter trays
  • Cuddles & lots of TLC (again very important for some cats!)
  • Brushing if required/cleaning eyes
  • Giving any necessary medication
  • House security includes – picking up post/deliveries, taking the rubbish out & returning bins to normal place, closing/opening curtains, turning lights on/off.
  • Watering any plants in or out
  • Turning radios on/off
  • Getting any shopping that maybe needed (at a small extra cost)

We will always leave your property clean & tidy. You are also more than welcome to text/call/email me to see how your pets are, many clients do & I’m more than happy to provide a daily report for you!

Again, references are available from existing clients, or see our testimonial page for many satisfied clients comments!

Prices start from £8/visit

Pet Transport 

We offer a pet transport service, whether it is to the vets, groomers, or even weddings, we can help you out!

Prices vary, so please call for details

Dog boarding

This is an alternative to kennels for your dog (s) & a VERY popular service!. Your dog will stay in a home environment, and live in one of our carers homes and receive full on attention while you’re away! They will get 2/3 walks a day, (or we will accommodate any special requirements), full on care & attention, given any medication, brushing, lying on the sofa with me (if allowed!), and will remain on their usual diet – so if they have fresh fish or chicken cooked for them, then they will still get it! If they need to go to the vets while you’re away, then we will take them for you.

We have many many regular clients who use this service, and have done so over many years, so we do get booked up, and spaces are limited. We will not board bitches in season or uncastrated males. All dogs must also be fully vaccinated.

Again, owners are more than welcome to contact us while you’re away to find out how your pet is,  photos optional! Don’t be surprised if your dog sulks for a few days after you take them back home, we often get phone calls saying they are & how long does it last – existing clients will confirm it usually lasts a couple of days! We want your dog to have a holiday & we want you to go away feeling happy that your dog is having a great time & is being cared for.

Before any long stays, we will need to have a “trial” stay to make sure that everyone is happy, so please bear this in mind if you’ve not booked with us before.

We ask you to provide their food, bowl & bed (not necessary after a few visits as they soon find somewhere else to lie!!) & obviously any medication.

Prices start from £25/day