Here are just a few testimonials from clients (including their pets of course!). A lot of our business now comes from recommendations from existing clients, as we have built up a reputation of being caring, reliable, trustworthy & flexible.

What our clients say!

Davina, Holly & Daisy

“Pet Chums boarded Holly and Daisy for a week and they arrived home happy and content. This was no mean feat; Daisy has abandonment issues and Holly managed to scratch her eye which required Clare to make the decision of whether or not to visit the vet… thankfully she did. Clare’s care and concern was outstanding and I’m thrilled we have formed a life-long partnership. Thank you Clare!”

Nick, Catherine & George - Epping

“Pet Chums have been outstanding in their care of our dog George. They are extremely flexible, trustworthy and reliable and treat George with love and affection way and beyond what is expected. We would highly recommend Pet Chums and we know George would too !!!! Thank you for your continued care of George.”

Pet Chums Breda Mike Mysti Epping

Breda, Mike & Mysti - Epping

“We have used Petchums for the last 12 years we have always found them totally dedicated to animals they take such wonderful care its just like home from home the only problem we have is our lovely shepherd Mysti never wants to come home. Whether its just walking our dog or boarding her we can rest assured that Mysti is getting the best possible care and we are free to enjoy our holidays So thank you so much, long may Pet Chums prosper.”

Anne, Neil, Mittens & Minky - Harlow

“We have been using “Pet-Chums” for well over 5 years and are very, very pleased with the service that Pet Chums and her team provide. It is a real luxury to be able to go away for however many nights (time span, bank hols etc are not an issue) and relax knowing that our precious boys are being well looked after. Gone are the days of dirty kennels and upset pets, they have the run of the house. Security also comes to mind. They are only a text away. An example of this is when we got a text to say our car was no longer on our drive, it was actually at the airport, the car in question was a neighbour who was parking on our drive for security reasons and had gone to work!!. Well done!”

Pet Chums Rochelle, Peter, Mr Rusty & Erminetrude

Rochelle & Peter, Mr Rusty & Erminetrude

“For many years, in our absence, ‘Pet Chums has looked after our cats, Mr Rusty and Erminetrude. They have also watered our houseplants, bring in the mail, switch lights on and off and generally make the house look occupied. They are reliable, thorough and trustworthy. The cats love them because they bring them food, gives them a cuddle, keeps them company and plays with them and they always rush to see them when they pop in. They obviously really enjoy working with animals and we highly recommended them.”

Pet Chums Paulette & Linley (Molly’s mum & dad)

Paulette & Linley ( Molly’s mum & dad)

“We wholeheartedly praise and recommend the help and service that Pet Chums provide. They have always been very reliable, helpful and accommodating. Over the past 7 years, our labrador Molly has looked forward to and enjoyed all the time that she spends with them and the social circle of doggie friends she has made. Thank you Pet Chums!!!”

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